Telling a story from a customer's perspective

Let's bridge the gap between sellers and buyers

You may think your website provides all the info your customers need. But in reality, the goal is hard to achieve. Even with enough details, accomodating for an audience with different perspectives is difficult.

For example, I can share my personal experience. Recently, I needed to get new window screens and had no idea what to choose. After numerous Google searches, I found FlexScreen, and it looked promising. It was a product that allows you to measure your window at home, order online, and install in seconds once delivered.


Then I faced the measuring instructions and got puzzled. It was so cryptic to me. Also, their Facebook page was full of complaints of people who measured it wrong, saying the screens did not fit their windows. Deterred by the horrible reviews, I was about to move to another option. Then I found this video by The Honest Carpenter.

He explained the pros and cons of the product from his perspective and showed how to measure my window's size accurately. After watching the video, I felt confident that measuring would not go wrong or be as complicated as I worried if I followed the video's instructions.

So I measured my window by myself and ordered FlexScreen online. When it was delivered, it fit my window perfectly and got installed in seconds as promised. I am a happy customer now and highly recommend the product if anyone needs new window screens!

This experience demonstrates how product reviews and videos by users or influences can reduce a knowledge gap between sellers and buyers. Even if FlexScreen did their best to explain how to measure, it was too technical and not plain English. Many novice buyers made mistakes and got their window size wrong.

What can you do to fill potential gaps between you and your customers? Influencers are great resources you can leverage. Very close to their subscribers and followers, they understand what their fans are looking for and what questions need to be addressed. That allows them to tell a story from your customer’s view. In that perspective, influencers are not your marketing channels, they are the most influential customers.

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