Secrets behind everlasting marketing content

What you need to know to drive continuous growth

Paid ad campaign is a harsh and intense money game. I have seen cases where the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ended up reaching close to Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV) due to fierce competition. While paid ads may give you short-term success, in order to accelerate your growth in the long haul you need an organic growth engine that continually feeds your funnel with high intent customers. That’s where influencer-created videos come in.

Your potential customers will search your brand and look for social proof or product reviews before making a buying decision. Although brand-generated videos are a starting point of product exploration, influencer-created videos work as third-party references and effectively deliver indirect product experiences to potential buyers at their eye level.

Unlike paid ads, most importantly, influencer videos have a longer life span, consistently show up in Google search results, and are recommended by the YouTube algorithm based on the relevance to the watchers even though the content is not recent.

Recently, I analyzed two successful campaigns we managed last year and the results clearly reconfirmed the effectiveness of the videos created for influencer marketing campaigns.

Both videos show that even 6 months after the content is published, it still attracts eyeballs and generates clicks to the featured product page. This shows that highly relevant content to the target audience continues to show up in search results and recommendations.

This does not mean that all influencer marketing videos perform better than paid ads though. Our analysis just emphasizes that you can expect a much higher ROI than that of paid ads when your influencer marketing videos are created in alignment with the interests of the target audience.

Then how can you achieve that? Finding the right influencers who can talk to your target customers is key. You need a variety of intelligence to understand the effectiveness (subscribers, engagement rate, etc.) and relevance (demographic, channel keywords, etc.) of each influencer to help you make data-driven decisions, and our influencer search engine, MuSE is built for it. Would you like to explore? Please check our demo video!