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Musetown is a community of innovative brands and creative influencers. And we always feel blessed when we work with our brands and creators who have a much bigger reason about why they do what they do. Dot Watch campaign was one of those campaigns and our entire team was so excited about the brand’s mission, stories our creators were telling in their content and the real impact they are bringing to the world.

So briefly about Dot Watch. There are 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. And that’s roughly 4% of the entire population and chances are you may know someone who is visually impaired. Communication is the biggest problem for them obviously, and they are solving the problem with a Braille smartwatch that allows them to read info with no privacy concerns.

We highly recommend you watch the videos and see how the stories were created and beautifully delivered to the audience.

Video links to the videos;

Also, see how well the audience is engaging with the content in the comments. It was an astounding 8.2% engagement rate!

👉 Check out the case study here!

⏱Dot Incorporation: Dot Watch 

Dot watch has revolutionized tactile communication through Braille. Through the use of Braille numbers, those who are visually impaired can use their fingertips to read the time, date, and numbers. 

🌟 Featured Creators

Here are 3 creators that have really stood out to us with the videos they have made over the past few weeks.

1️⃣ Real Men Real Style

Real Men Real Style is a channel that teaches viewers how to look good, build confidence, and earn more money. Antonio Centeno is the founder of this channel, and he has garnered over 2.6 million subscribers.  

2️⃣ Angie and Ruby

Angie and Ruby are a mother and daughter duo that make videos about their daily lives! Ruby is 14 years old, and has a rare genetic disorder called Stromme Syndrome and Angie is her mother. Their goal is to spread positivity and kindness through their videos to their 180k subscribers. 

3️⃣ Our Family Nest

Our Family Nest is a family channel that loves to create videos about their travel adventures, hobbies, sports, and more! They have a little over 1 million subscribers and have been creating videos for 6 years now.