Musetown Partner Program and our weekly update

Our effort to help building long-term partnership between brands and creators

We are now listed on the Side Hustle Stack! 🥳 Side Hustle Stack is a free resource to find platform-based work, ranging from gig work and side hustles to platforms that help people start a small business that can grow. The company was founded by Li Jin, a former a16z partner and the person who wrote the popular article “The Passion Economy and the Future of Work”.

Musetown Brand Partner Program

We believe it’s all about finding the true long-term partner who can grow together.

As a part of our efforts to make it happen, we are beta-testing Musetown Partner Program. The program will provide a way for brands and creators to start working together with a goal to find a long-term partner. In a nutshell, the program provides a quick and easy way for brands and creators to work together to see if there’s a fit between them. Brands can attract creators for “gifting for content” or “paid content with guaranteed CPM”. To make sure we provide a quality experience, we’ll be selectively inviting some brands and creators to the program before we roll it out to the mass. Sounds interesting? Click here to find out more!

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📺 Featured Video

Let me introduce NOT SO DAILY, a Kpop related content channel. We partnered with them for a cooking video with Seoul Sisters Kimchi Seasoning! As expected, Kpop fans liked Korean food well! The video came at 2.4% CTR and 17.2% ER! We believe this is a good example for other brands and creators to take notes. Be open-minded and embrace cultural fit with creators even outside your product category.

Interested in viewing our 🌮 food creators? Check them out here!

🌟 Featured Brand Partner

Joolies Dates

Did you know that Medjool dates grow on beautiful palm trees? or Dates are naturally sweet with no added sugar? Joolies may be new to you, but the founding family has been planting and growing organic Medjool date trees for nearly two decades.

Musetown helped them work with five creators who introduced Joolies Dates naturally in their video, emphasizing the healthy nature of it. You don’t need to feel guilty when you are giving this sweet dates to your kids (and yourself too! 😝)

Joolies Organic Medjool Pitted Dates
👉 link to Joolies Dates

🌟 Featured Creators

Raina Huang

Raina is a food creator from Southern California running a Mukbang YouTube channel with 450K subscribers. She can easily eat 5-6 lbs of pretty much everything and sometimes eat 10 lbs of seafood! 😱

Sarah Funk

She’s a New Yorker travel and lifestyle vlogger with 117K subscribers. With Luis, her husband, she creates interesting food or restaurant content along with NY travel videos.

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