Musetown Influencer Search Engine

and why we want to keep it open and free!

We have exciting news for you!

We are launching a beta version of the “Influencer Search Engine” today, which is our small yet bold step toward our vision to become the world’s biggest influencer platform where brands and influencers can mingle and be more creative.

Let me first explain why we want to keep it open and free.

The need for brands to work with influencers to reach and engage with their target customers is higher than ever. However, finding and activating the right influencers has been a daunting task for most brands since there’s no open and transparent platform for doing this. Thus, brands have been relying on agencies or struggling with a limited amount of data available. We believe this has been limiting the full potential of the influencer economy. To unlock the full potential, we aim to create a platform that removes unnecessary hurdles and makes it simple for brands and influencers to find each other and start working together.

The open and free influencer search engine will unlock the market’s full potential by bringing transparency and rich data to the market.

We strongly believe this open platform will help grow the market and give influencers more stable income while helping brands reach their customers through creative content.

Interested in trying the beta version of our search engine? Signup today, we’ll contact you immediately!

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How it works?


Using the keywords and filter, navigate the list of influencers on our database. You can search more than 800K YouTubers from our database. Look for influencers with ✅ verified marks who worked with our brand partners and provide more data points for you to consider.


By clicking the influencers from the search result, you can view additional details about the keywords of the influencer channel, expected price, videos, demo, etc.


When you find an influencer you are interested in working with, bookmark her so you can keep track of the channel and invite her when you are ready to work with her.


When you are ready to invite the influencers you selected, you can invite them to work with you. You can estimate the budget for the campaign with expected views and engagement. You can contact them and build a relationship with them before you start working with them.

This is a humble beginning, and we know we have a long way to go. However, we believe we can make this work if we can continue to listen to your voice and make it better every day.