Key ingredients for successful influencer marketing

MuSE puts everything in place for you

Do you enjoy cooking? How about cooking prep? Honestly, that’s not the fun part for me.

Mise en place (pronounced meez awn plahz) is a French cooking term that translates to “put in place.” The purpose of mise en place is to allow chefs to cook most efficiently by preparing and organizing ingredients in advance.

Since 2018, Musetwon has helped 100+ brands and marketers launch influencer marketing campaigns successfully. Through the experience, we learned that a lack of insights and intelligence about influencers slows down the entire process. Especially, preliminary work to research creators and find the right match takes a long time since no clear path or framework has been defined. Influencer discovery could take several weeks to months.

MuSE can be your solution!

Like "Mise en place," MuSE (Musetown Influencer Search Engine) puts everything in place so you can find influencers and run your marketing campaigns most efficiently. MuSE is not a simple search engine. It guides you through the intelligent framework with key insights embedded.

Are you ready to start cooking? Let’s check the key ingredients for successful influencer marketing.

  1. Data

    Successful marketing plans start with data and analysis. However, clicking each Youtube channel and creator’s profile to collect the data is a time-consuming process. We help you get to know each influencer better by curating key attributes (channel, reach, engagement, type of content, etc. ) in one place. It allows you to skim through many influencers quickly and gives you the confidence to make objective decisions on your marketing plan.

  1. Insight

    It is critical to find Influencers who can talk to your target audience. It requires an understanding of each influencer’s brand identity. Access pre-formulated insights related to brand affinity and audience. Our goal is to provide powerful insights for every marketer, whether you have expertise in influencer marketing or not. MuSE has got your back and will help you identify the right influencers for your brand and products.

  2. Tools

    Once your influencer research is done, the next step is organizing the list of candidates and engaging with them. MuSE provides convenient features like bookmark, invite and chat to make the process quick and easy. It empowers you to initiate influencer marketing campaigns without the help of a dedicated agency. Bookmark and keep track of the channels of your choice. Contact and build a relationship with them. Invite them when you are ready to work together.

When key ingredients are in place, you can cook like a pro. Meet MuSE and keep your finger on the pulse of market trends, get content ideas, identify relevant influencers, and create successful marketing campaigns with them.

MuSE is currently in beta. Try it today and get qualified for free one-year access once you sign up!

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I will share key features and use cases in the next article to help you get the most out of MuSE. Stay tuned.