Introducing MúSE, Musetown Influencer Search Engine

Our attempt to push influencer marketing to the next level starts today with MuSE!

Influencer marketing has already become one of the core marketing strategies for major brands. And the market will reach $15B by 2022.

In the past two years, we had the privilege to work closely with innovative brands and creative influencers for various partnerships. So much amazing content came from the partnerships, making people entertained and well-informed while helping brands grow.

However, we also realized that it is still hard for most brands to tap into this growing opportunity because of the complexity of influencer marketing and the lack of data and insight for proper execution.

Enter MuSE, Musetown Influencer Search Engine!

Our attempt to push influencer marketing to the next level starts today with MuSE!

MuSE will help you better prepared for successful marketing by proving data, insight, and tools for you to understand market trends, research relevant content, and find influencers.

It’s the humble beginning of a journey with a vision to help unlock the unlimited potential of influencers for the sustainable growth of brands. MuSE will make it possible by making sense of influencers in the context of customer’s changing behavior and providing actionable insights. Please note, however, this is a soft launch 🤫 to get it out to our existing customers and people who showed interest in working with us already and gather feedback. So, your feedback is critical for us (and you too 😉)

Try MuSE

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll try to show and explain how the search engine can help you with getting started or leveling up your influencer marketing. And we’d love to get your feedback and understand your needs better.

How? Join our Facebook private group 👉 “Influencer X Brand”, send us an email at, or simply click the “feedback” button on our website.

Want to talk? I love chatting with people. 😆 Feel free to schedule a time for a chat with me any time through this link!

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