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Before we get started, any podcast lovers here? This week, I listened to the recent episode of How I Built This, Ben Chestnut: MailChimp, and it was so inspiring to hear Ben’s journey from a web designer to an entrepreneur and how the company grew together with its small business customers. As a marketer, it is also fascinating to see that MailChimp always took advantage of new media and channels when competitors were not paying much attention to the potential of Twitter, Facebook, and podcast. Certainly, MailChimp is one of the companies that shaped the early days of SaaS and digital marketing. Highly recommend!

[Source: TechCrunch]

What we talk about

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and boosted the influence of social media and digital content. While social media platforms used to get most of their content for free, now that dynamic is changing. New platforms are offering creators ways to capture the value of their output for themselves. Big techs are forced to adapt their business models to attract more creators to their platforms. Musetown is excited to be part of this dynamically evolving ecosystem and will continue connecting creators and brands for their success.

Here are snippets from recent research reports.

Think with Google: Digital Inspiration Powers the Purchase Journey

  • Consumers are finding inspirations in their online activity. Be present at decision-making moments across the purchase journey. This means not only providing high-quality information on what people are searching for but serving up inspiration-based content to pique their interest.

[Source: Think with Google]

CB Insights: How Big Tech Is Finally Tapping Into The Creator Economy

[Source: CBInsights]
  • Creators, however, are likely going to favor becoming platform-agnostic and becoming independent brands to ensure less dependence on any one platform. 

  • Where the rest of the creator economy upstarts may derive greater success is in “rebundling” these services beyond any one specific platform. This can manifest in tools that help creators make videos for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch; analytics platforms that manage splintered revenue streams; or community management services that help creators independently build and communicate with a social network of fans. 

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