How Small Brands are Growing by Working with YouTube Creators

And How Musetown Can Help Make That Happen

As a small brand, it can be difficult to begin to navigate influencer marketing. Do you often find yourself having a plethora of questions? Where can I find these creators? How can I get easy access to these creator’s channel analytics? What channels the best fit with my brand? How do I begin managing campaigns? Musetown can help you get the answers to all of these and many more questions related to influencer marketing. You do not have to be a big brand or influencer to begin utilizing Musetown’s tools, but with our help, you can start easily and quickly begin to grow. Don't worry influencers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Keep reading to see how a channel with the name of A Rich and Jazzy Life has grown by working with some of our brands.

How Musetown can Help

Looking to boost your visibility as a brand? Musetown's got your back! When you create your campaign, we can match you with influencers who are eager to promote your products. In addition, channel analytics for each creator will be provided to give you insight into subscribers, views, audience demographics, retention rates, and much more.

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Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of negotiating prices as Musetown provides performance-based pricing suggestions. Lastly, once you have chosen creators we can help you optimize your campaign allowing your brand to grow with the influencer. 

Get Connected With Creators

Enercamp is just one of many brands that have created campaigns through Musetown. More specifically, Enercamp is a smart energy startup company. One of the first campaigns they launched was created to promote their Jump & Go J20C to drive more traffic to their Amazon page. After getting 22 applications they accepted the creators they thought would be the best fit and a total of 7 videos were created. A channel called Miranda Detailing was one of the accepted creators. He is a micro-influencer with about 9,000 subscribers that makes videos about car detailing and cleaning. 

After the video was published, the data provided by Musetown made it clear that Miranda Detailing was doing something right. Despite this channel being relatively small, Miranda Detailing’s video had the highest engagement rate. Furthermore, this video was very effective because it resulted in clicks that converted into sales. More specifically, there was a 21.4% CTR making it the most cost-effective video for conversion.

Because Enercamp saw very positive results from working with Miranda Detailing, they decided to work with him again for their new product, Enercamp Camping Shower. As predicted by the data, it was yet another success!

More specifically, the video has received 5.9x more views than the previous one. In addition to this, the video has received a tremendous amount of clicks leading the CPC to be less than $0.4. 

Creators Can Find Brands That Best Fit Their Channel

On the other hand, A Rich and Jazzy Life are creators that have signed up to be a part of Musetown, and they have gotten the opportunity to work with two separate brands on campaigns. A Rich and Jazzy Life is a micro-influencer family channel with around 55K subscribers. The first brand they have worked with is Seoul Sisters for their Kimchi Seasoning campaign. Through this campaign, Seoul Sisters as a brand saw amazing results from the video this channel has created. To begin, out of all the influencers that were a part of this campaign, A Rich and Jazzy Life received the highest engagement rate which ultimately led to more clicks driving traffic to the Seoul Sisters Kimchi Seasoning Amazon page. 

Due to these positive results, A Rich and Jazzy Life also had the opportunity to work with a company called BODO mask for a campaign they have to promote their face masks.

The engagement rate is set to be greater than their previous video as it has already received about 30% more engagement. Furthermore, the CPC for the video is expected to be around $1. 

Overall, these are just a couple examples of how Musetown offers a platform for both brands and influencers that can mutually benefit from each other. In addition, our goal is to make it easier for brands and influencers to come together creating more opportunities for brand-creator partnerships. As revealed through these two examples you as a brand can greatly benefit from working with these YouTube creators, and Musetown will make it easy for you to access these creators.