How Millenials and Gen Z Perceive YouTube Videos and the Implications for Marketers

Insight from a survey to understand Millennials and Gen Z in the YouTube era

Why Conduct A Survey?

Almost 80% of the consumer base of YouTube consists of Millenials and Gen Z. Because this demographic makes up a significant portion of the people that watch YouTube, it is important for brands and creators to understand how Millenials and Gen Z perceive sponsored videos. More specifically, how sponsored videos can play a role in their overall shopping experience from introduction to a product to purchasing it. Thus, Musetown decided to conduct a survey to gain more insight into these topics. We surveyed around 100 consumers to understand how people perceive sponsored videos. In addition, we wanted to gain insight into their shopping habits and how they relate to YouTube videos and trends following the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to get the most candid answers from Millennials and Gen Z, we thought it would be best to have peer conduct this survey. As a student that studies at the Kelley School of Business in Indiana University, I thought conducting this survey would allow us to receive the most candid answers from our target audience. In the following report, we summarize the results as well as relevant statistics related to sponsored videos.

Key Findings

To begin, here are some of the general trends and findings on how consumers view YouTube and sponsored videos: 

  • The majority watch YouTube 1-2 hours a day

  • 80% have watched a sponsored video, and after watching, 51.2% of people google the product to learn more about it 

  • 42.5% have purchased a product after watching a YouTube video, and the majority of people that bought it did so because they not only liked the product but also really resonated with the creator

This finding was very interesting to us because the main reasons why consumers are watching YouTube videos is exactly why we’re doing this. We want to connect brands and creators of all sizes, allowing them to work together to create useful and entertaining content that people enjoy through the power of software and data. 

A Focus on Millenials and Gen Z’s Response to Sponsored Videos  

Now that we have discussed the overall results, it’s time to focus on how our target audience, Gen Z and millennials, responded to the survey. 

Real Responses from Consumers

In addition to learning how consumer’s shopping habits relate to sponsored videos, we also gained some valuable insight into why people enjoy sponsored videos, why people dislike sponsored videos, and how shopping habits have changed since Covid-19.  From the responses, we can conclude that viewers resonated most with sponsored content that came across as genuine and relevant to their interests. Furthermore, many people said they are now consuming more sponsored and review related content on YouTube due to Covid-19 because they can no longer shop in person. Below are a few comments from those who participated in the survey that summarizes the trend in responses. 

Was there a sponsored video that you liked? What made you like it?

Was there anything you didn’t like about the sponsored video?

The pandemic has had an impact on every corner of our lives. What has changed in terms of your online shopping experience? 

Now that offline shopping is almost gone and the shopping experience won't be the same even after the pandemic. What would be the alternative to your offline experience?

Why are These Findings Relevant?

Now that we have discussed the results of the survey on our target consumer base, we can address why these results are relevant. Overall, it was very clear that Gen Z and Millennials use social media, mainly YouTube when shopping for products. In fact, through the survey, we have found that many consumers seek out these sponsored videos when shopping to learn more about the product. Thus, it can be very helpful for brands to utilize YouTube influencers to promote their products. These influencers have a vast reach with a very targeted audience base that shares similar interests, which can, in turn, help brands reach their target market. All in all, working with YouTube influencers to create sponsored videos can help brands in a plethora of ways. 

We understand how difficult it can be for brands to start their journey with these influencers. Musetown is a platform that connects brands and creators to create a mutually beneficial relationship.  So we can help guide you to foster a strong relationship with your customers through the creativity of our creators. Contact us today to get started!.