Clubhouse, and Your Weekly Update from Musetown

Now everyone is heading to Clubhouse. What is the implication for brand?

This week, it was all about the Clubhouse app. I mentioned that Elon showed up on the app and then Zuckerberg appeared! People started to worry about their addiction to the app already! 😂

Then we have to ask; why is this happening and what’s the implication for brands? There are many things in play such as audio as an intimate medium, Zoom-fatigue, the growing need to connect with people outside their social circle, and the chance to speak with celebrities, etc. But at the core is the intimate community built around a topic, not a social circle, which would be a great opportunity for brands to connect with their customers closely. It’s a great opportunity for brands to quickly start a conversation with influencers as well as customers to hear their voice (literally! 😄) and build a real relationship. We’ll keep an eye on this new trend and continue to update you.

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Meebak partnered with Grazy Grace to introduce their skincare products. She introduced the products naturally as part of her story-time video about Kpop behind stories.

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Let us introduce two amazing family channels that share everyday story about their family life.

✅ Our Family Nest

Michigan family of 6 shares their family stories to their 1.17 million fans. Their fun and engaging content attract a young female audience.

a RICH and JAZZY Life

“We enjoy every minute of our lives traveling the world, eating amazing food, exploring and having a good time with good people!”

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