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Announcing Next Big Brand program- how we help brands grow with influencers.

Every day, new brands

Every day, new brands emerge thanks to new technology, and now there are more than 1.7 million merchants on Shopify alone. As a result, we constantly come across new brands and products that capture our imagination with their innovation; some catch on for better and win our love while others fall flat. Having more choice is good for consumers, but it also creates a new challenge when making purchasing decisions. That’s why we share our discoveries with family and friends when we think they will also be useful for them.

For the same reason, influencers share their love for a brand because they know their fans will find it helpful.


That is why brands want to work with influencers because they know that influencer recommendations will have more weight than any other type. But the problem is that some brands do not appreciate the importance of building a relationship with influencers. Sometimes, they harm the relationship by asking for a quick and easy endorsement for money, which is far from being authentic. This can damage the reputation of the brand as well as influencers for their customers and fans. Understandably there’s reason why Amazon, Walmart, and hundreds more companies were warned by regulators that they could face steep fines if they use fake reviews or other deceptive endorsements.

Another problem is the brand’s perception about the compensation. Does monetary compensation harm the authenticity of influencers when they talk about a brand? Turns out, disclosing sponsorship has proven to have little impact on whether followers view the recommendation as authentic or not. It’s more so about the authenticity of the relationship between brand and influencer than about compensation.

Influencers are not only putting their time and effort into creating content but also creating real economic value. So, we believe influencers should be properly compensated for the value they created.


Then the question becomes; can we achieve authenticity and monetary compensation at the same time? We believe it’s possible!

We partner with the next big brands committed to building a lasting relationship with influencers. Influencers experience the product from qualified brands and create content about their experience only when they like it. Then, we analyze the value of the content and create an economic model for the partnership. This way, brands and influencers can become real partners for mutual growth through trust and real data.

We call this the NBB program; we partner with the “Next Big Brands” and help them become one with influencer partners!

"Stop wasting time with one-off influencer campaign, start building a community of influencers who can be your real business partners."

We believe we all can be winners with the NBB program. Brands can discover ideal influencer partners who authentically promote their brand. This way, they can build a sustainable marketing channel. Influencers also can find their brand partners that will fairly compensate for the economic value they created. Thus, influencers can build a more reliable source of income and focus on what they can do best, creating content that their fans love.

More importantly, fans will also benefit from this. They can expect more content from their favorite influencers while learning about new products from trusted sources.

At Musetown, we have a vision to help build trusted partnerships between influencers and brands. It's a humble beginning, but we are committed to helping you succeed because our success is dependent on yours!

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